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Alllooksame ?

Curatorial statment of Francesco Bonami

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Year’s itinirary


CONFERENCE - petit Conferences contemporary art, art history and various subjects related to our research

SEMINARS - petit Seminars* crash courses, methodological and theoretical feedback, tutorials, conferences and seminars

RENDEZ-VOUS - Petit Rendez-vous* interviews with professionals within Magasin’s network and satellites in Europe : artists, art critics, curators, collaborators of HS, etc.

STUDY-TRIP - Petit Study Trip travel research related to our project, including visits to exhibitions and institutions, as well as planning, preparation and final reports

PROJET - petit Project* thematic work related to the website, book and exhibition including internal meetings amongst session 16

REASEARCH - petit Research* individual and group debates, reading, writing and exhibition visits

*All events take place onsite Magasin-CNAC unless otherwise specified.

OCTOBER 06 OCT | nov | dec | jan | feb | mar | apr | may | june | july

STUDY TRIPMon 2 —> Fri 13 Oct
Study Trip : Paris Organization

- Prepare selection of AICA Conferences to attend, exhibitions to visit, curators to meet, etc.

- Set individual mandates for trip agenda, budget, hotel booking, car rental, maps, etc.

STUDY TRIPSat 14 —> Fri 20 Oct
Trip : Paris AICA Congress

RENDEZ-VOUS - PetitRendez-vous

- Iara Boubnova, Curator (Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia)

- Akiko Miki, Chief Curator (Palais de Tokyo)

- Guilllaume Desanges, Co-Curator of Jiri Kovanda VS reste du monde / Tentatives de Rapprochement exhibition, (gb Agency)

- Emilie Renard, Curator of Madame la baronne était plutôt maniérée, assez rococo et totalement baroque exhibition

- Former L’École participants : Julien Blanpied, Laure Gablier and Dean Inkster

REASEARCH - petitExhibitions

- la maison flottante au CNEAI, Chatou

- Ernesto Neto, Panthéon

- d’années, Palais de Tokyo

- Musée du Quai Branly

- Centre Georges Pompidou

- Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers

- Art Grandeur Nature Biennale

- CAC de Brétigny

- Véronique Joumard, CREDAC, Ivry


RENDEZ-VOUS - PetitFri 20 Oct Artist Interviews at Magasin prior to Vernissage

- Kader Attia

- Jonathan Meese

SEMINARMon 23 Oct —> Fri 3 Nov

- Fri 26 oct : Session 16’s Website Conception, Liliane Schneiter

- Tue 31 Oct : Methodology, Alice Vergara-Bastiand

- Thu 2, Fri 3 Nov : History of Magasin and Former Sessions of L’École, Alice Vergara-Bastiand

STUDY-TRIP - PetitAICA Conferences reports

REASEARCH - petitIndependent work, meetings and group research to refine website concept


NOVEMBER 06 oct | NOV | dec | jan | feb | mar | apr | may | june | july

Mon 6 —> Fri 10 Nov •• Mon 13 —> Fri 17

PROJET - petitWebsite structure and writing content

STUDY-TRIP - PetitAICA Conferences reports

Visit and meet conservators of Grenoble museums regarding archival practices

- Mr. Raymond, Founder Arhôme, musée privé de l’innovation industrielle

- Mrs. Chantal Spillemaecker, Art Conservator Musée Dauphinois

SEMINARMon 20 Nov —> Fri 25 Nov
Tutorial Around Harald Szeemann’s Figure, Florence Derieux

CONFERENCE - petit Thu 23 Nov l’École d’Art de Grenoble Conference : Alain Declercq

Mon 27 Nov —> Fri 1 Dec
REASEARCH - petitIndependent work on HS

PROJET - petitMeet with Web Masters, Laurent and Fred, to evaluate the structure and functionality of our website based on the structure of SPIP open source system

RENDEZ-VOUS - PetitWen 29 Nov

Meet with students of l’École d’Art de Grenoble to discuss their personal participation of their collective exhibition at Le Petit Angle, Grenoble

REASEARCH - petitThu 30 Nov

Trip with l’École d’Art and visit of Andrea Serrano’s show at Fondation Yvon Lambert, Avignon


DECEMBER 06 oct | nov | DEC | jan | feb | mar | apr | may | june | july

STUDY TRIPMon 4 Dec —> Fri 8 Dec
Study Trip : Swiss Organization

- Prepare interviews for HS’s collaborators

- Produce texts about HS’s relationship to Kunsthalle Bern and his exhibition When Attitudes Become Form

STUDY-TRIP - Petit7 Dec Voyage Avignonwith L’École Supériere d’Art de Grenoble. Visit Andres Serrano’s exhibition at the Museé d’art contemporain, Collection Lambert in Avignon. Tour by Director Eric Mézil.

PROJET - petitWebsite Structure and Content

STUDY TRIPMon 11 Dec —> Fri 15 Dec
Trip : Swiss

SEMINARS - petitTue 12 Dec Crash Courses

- History of Exhibitions, Contextualization of "When Attitudes Become Form", Catherine Quéloz

- Walter Benjamin, Aby Warburg, Harald Szeemann and Relation to Archive, Liliane Schneiter

RENDEZ-VOUS - PetitRendez-vous

- Christophe Cherix, Cabinet des estampes, Geneva

- Juliette Duca (HS’s assistant) la Fabbrica, Maggia

- Una Szeemann (HS’s daughter), la Fabbrica, Maggia

- Lionel Bovier, Director JRP, Zürich

- Tobia Bezzola, current Curator of exhibition In the Alpes (former assistant of HS at Kunsthaus) Kunsthaus, Zürich

- Adrian Notz, Director Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich

- Philippe Pirotte, Director Kunsthalle, Bern

REASEARCH - petitExhibitions

- John Armleder Mamco, Geneva

- In die Alpen Kunsthaus, Zürich

- Dada East ? The Romanians of Cabaret Voltaire Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich

- General Idea Kunsthalle, Zürich

- Eros, dans l’art moderne Fondation Beyeler, Basel

- Vitra Design Museum, Basel

- Regional 7 Plug In, Basel

- Six Feet Under Kunstmuseum, Bern

- Christmas’ Exposition Kunsthalle, Bern

Check out our Swiss Trip page to review study material, video interviews, exhibition photos, and our Crash Course notes

Mon 18 Dec —> Fri 22 Dec

STUDY-TRIP - PetitWrite Swiss report to exchange impressions on exhibitions and discussions made on HS figure

PROJET - petitWebsite beta version evaluation : menus, structure and graphic design, Laurent

RENDEZ-VOUS - PetitRendez-vous Elisabeth Chambon, Conservator Musée Géo-Charles (Tue 19 Dec)

Sat 23 Dec —> Sun 7 Jan HOLIDAY !!!!!


JANUARY 07 oct | nov | dec | JAN | feb | mar | apr | may | june | july

SEMINARMon 08 Jan —> Fri 12 Jan
Tutorial Research Techniques and Archistorm, Florence Derieux

- Discuss Swiss reports

- Independent work on HS publication

- Disburse responsibilities of group for each portion of publication

- Pilot partnership with Archistorm Magazine, writing select art reviews

PROJET - petitWebsite work in progress : molecule for page Atoms / Composition and clouds of Shining Star / Univers

PROJET - petitMon 15 Jan —> Fri 19 Jan
Project and Research Archistorm Partnership

- Haeju and Fabien : review Drapeaux gris exhibition, CAPC de Bordeaux

- Lucia : interview Mathieu Lehanneur, Designer

- François and Sadie : preview Lothar Hempel’s exhibition at Magasin (11 Fev to 6 May 2007)

- Yuka : interview Yona Friedmann, review exhibition at Musée d’Art Contemporain (16 Fev - 29 Apr 2007)

REASEARCH - petitIndependent Research, thinking of a project in terms of financial resources

CONFERENCE - petitWen 21 Jan

- Le corps électique dans le Rock Conference : Christoph Kihm, L’École d’Art de Valence

- Art Press Magazine Round Table : Christophe Kihm Chief Redactor and Alexandre Laumonier Graphic Designer

STUDY TRIPMon 22 Jan —> Fri 26 Jan
Study Trip : Torino Organization

- Research and independent work

- Organize Torino trip

- Visit alllooksame ?, Curator Francesco Bonami, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Curatorial Statement

PDF - 40.3 ko
Alllooksame ?
Curatorial statment of Francesco Bonami

NOTE : HS became interested in Asian Art later in his career and presented several artists in biannual of Lyon (97) and Venice (99, 01). As Haeju and Yuka are South Korean and Japanese, they knew the artists presented in these shows haven’t received exposure in the European market before but were already established with representation in Asia.

As a base of discussion for our group, we intend to confront the Western view towards Asian culture, hence the socio and politically incorrect implications of title alllooksame ?.

Torino Study Trip review

REASEARCH - petitThu 25 Jan

IAC (Institut d’art contemporain) opening reception : François Curlet, Jens Haaning and Christophe Terlinden

CONFERENCE - petitWen 31 Jan

Ah les belles images ! exhibition (Clermont-Ferrand and Paris, 06) Conference : Hélene Chouteau, L’École d’Art de Valence


FEBRUARY 07 oct | nov | dec | jan | FEB | mar | apr | may | june | july

PROJET - petitMon 29 Jan —> Fri 2 Fev •• Mon 5 Fev —>Sat 10 Fev

- Lothar Hempel installation, work handling and unpacking (Thu 1 Fev to Sat 10 Fev)

- Work on the summary of our publication : version 2 and 3

- Learn how to use the SPIP back office to administrate the site

- Meet with Laurent to optimize navigation

- Write content concerning the Univers and Core pages

PROJET - petitSat 10 Fev Magasin Exhibition Opening Reception

- Lothar Hempel

- Franck Scurti

SEMINARMon 12 Fev —> Fri 16 •• Mon 19 —>Fri 23 Fev

- The Industry of Books : from Macro to Micro Economy of a Publication, Alice Vergara-Bastiand

- Open Sources & SPIP : Système de Publication pour l’internet, Damien Lefrou of Centre audiovisuel de Grenoble

REASEARCH - petitResearch Documenta 5 Catalogue for artists and curators to interview for our publication

SEMINARMon 26 Fev —> Fri 2 Mar
Tutorial Florence Derieux

- Independent work on HS publication

- Exchange proposals for book theme

- Discuss publication summary version 4

- Disburse responsibilities amongst participants for publication’s contents

CONFERENCE - petitTue 27 Feb Week of the Utopia Conference : Nicolas Thély, University of Grenoble

RENDEZ-VOUS - PetitThu 1 Mar

- Natasa Petresin, Curator

- Seminar Yves Aupetitallot, Director (Magasin)
Discuss issues, working conditions and restraints

PROJET - petitWork on website content : Core and TimeLine


MARCH 07 oct | nov | dec | jan | feb | MAR | apr | may | june | july

PROJECTMon 5 Mar —> Fri 9 Mar •• Mon 12 Mar —>Fri 16 Mar
Project and Rendez-vous

- Advance work on publication summary

- Complete mandates for each part of the book

- Complete list of HS’s collaborators and artists to be interviewed, establish criteria for selection

- Prepare interviews of artists, curators, family and work collaborators of HS

PROJET - petitWed 7 Mar
Exhibition brainstorm

RENDEZ-VOUS - PetitFri 9 Mar & Thurs 15 Mar
Rendez-vous Resources Yves Aupetitallot
Gather books, documents and vital resources regarding HS : artists, curators, and venues

REASEARCH - petit Send letters to artists and curators, asking participation for publication through interviews

Conference Agourtchik ! Project Alexei Kallima, artist
Ecole des Beaux Arts, Grenoble

SEMINARWed 21 Mar —> Fri 23 Mar
Tutorial Publication Florence Derieux

- Meet individually to discuss progress and edits of publication texts

- Review papers and resources collected for publication

- Discuss sponsoring options

- Brainstorm on exhibition ideas

Rendez-Vous Bernard Marcade, Curator

- Discuss relationship with HS

- Discuss conception of research regarding the Duchamp’s biography recently published

- Present project of session 16

- Exhibition in CRAC, Sète


APRIL 07 oct | nov | dec | jan | feb | mar | APR | may | june | july

Mon 2 Apr —> Fri 6 Apr •• Mon 9 Apr —>Sat 14 Apr

STUDY TRIPMon 9 Apr —>Sat 14 Apr
Study Trip : Swiss

As a step in our research regarding our publication, this trip serves as a further investigation of HS’s archive in Maggia, la Fabbrica, to better understand the functioning and roles of the people involved.

RENDEZ-VOUS - PetitRendez-vous and interview

- Tobia Bezzola, Curator Kunsthaus, Zurich

- Ingeborg Luscher, widow

- Una Szeemann, daughter>br>
- Christophe Zürcher, Architect (display designer)

- Gianna Ruepp, former assistant, Lorcarno

- Visit Monte Verita ehibition, Ascona

- Leisure time, Locarno

SEMINARMon 16 Apr —> Fri 20 Apr
Tutorial Florence Derieux

Decision to release the book as editors :
in regards to the project, selecting proper material (archived documents, interview of collaborators, photos…) or creating some (map of the archive) and process a work of montageof these different sources. See the last version of the publication project


May 07 oct | nov | dec | jan | feb | mar | apr | MAY | june | july
SEMINARWed 02 May —> Fri 05 May

- Thomas Hirschhorn, artist

- Evaluation by Yves Aupettitallot, Catherine Queloz, Liliane Schnieter and Alice Vagara-Bastiand

SEMINARMon 07 May —> Fri 11 May

- Philippe Pirotte, Director Kunsthalle, Bern

- Lily Reynaud Dewar

Rendez-Vous : Geneva Optimo

- Meet with staff of Optimo to review publication designs

- Review photo selections regarding print quality for publication

- Discuss design possibilities, review past works and books in progress

PROJET - petitMon 21 May

- Deadline for first draft of written introductions and conclusions for each chapter of the book

STUDY TRIPTues 22 May —> Fri 26 May
Study-Trip : Dijon, Paris

RENDEZ-VOUS - PetitXavier Douroux, Director Consortium, Dijon

SEMINARS - petitCuratorial Seminar, Paris

Two-day program organized by Florence Derieux, Nataša Petrešin (Independent curator, PhD candidate at Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales - EHESS), Veronica Wiman (Independent curator, tutor of Curatorial Pilot Platform (, Helsinki) and Måns Wrange. Artist, director of CuratorLab, Stockholm). hosted by INHA and their program "Art et mondialisation" within the framework of the seminar "Something you should know : Artistes et producteurs aujourd’hui", organized since January 2006 by Patricia Falguières, Elisabeth Lebovici, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Nataša Petrešin at EHESS.

See Paris page

SEMINARMon 28 May —> Fri 1 June
Tutorial Florence Derieux


June 07 oct | nov | dec | jan | feb | mar | apr | may | JUNE | july

Thurs 12 June —> Sun 16 June
REASEARCH - petitWork on text mappping and text for publication

STUDY-TRIP - PetitStudy Trip : Kassel and Münster, Germay Organization

STUDY TRIPMon 21 June —> Fri 25 June
Study Trip : Kassel and Münster, Germay
Visit Ducumenta 12 and Münster Sculpture Project

SEMINARTues 26 June —> Fri 29 June
Tutorial Publication Florence Deriux

- Complete all text (including all edits and revisions)
- Complete mapping
- Complete photo selections
- Submit to graphc designer for publication maquette


July 07 oct | nov | dec | jan | feb | mar | apr | may | june | JULY

PROJECT Sat 30 June —> Fri 6 July

- Edit French text
- Edit photo selections
- Select copyright material for JRP
- Submit all material to Optimo

SEMINARMon 9 July —> Fri 13 July
Tutorial Florence Derieux

PROJET - petit Publication

- Edit English text
- Submit all material to Optimo



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